Did you know that beekeepers have famously attractive eyes ? Every single one of them . I don’t know the science behind it , but studies show beauty is in the eye of the bee holder . 

I really have to take issue with this: “the Western portion of the world, Westeros - the rich and civilized portion.” This isn’t true.

1. Westeros is poorer and less economically developed than Essos. It’s far less urbanized than Essos. It’s an exporter primarily of natural resources and can’t produce the advanced manufactured goods it imports from the Free Cities. Its financial system is really quite crude, especially in comparison to the large banks and insurance companies of Braavos. It has very few roads and none of them Valyrian; main thoroughfares like the Kingsroad don’t have bridges over major rivers but use fords instead; it lacks internal canals to connect major river systems.

2. Westeros is less politically developed. It’s only been politically unified for 300 years, and even that weak feudal state is extremely shaky and may not survive. Essos has had continent-spanning empires that lasted for thousands of years. It has much more diversity of political systems - republics with separation of powers and political parties, merchant oligarchies, elected tyrants, etc.

3. Westeros is considered less culturally developed. Essosi call Westerosi unwashed barbarians, referring to them by the inaccurate title of “Andals.” (reminds me of the way Americans and Europeans labeled various nationalities by incorrect names because they didn’t speak the language) The Essosi of the Free Cities are the blood of Old Valyria; the Ghiscari have their empire, the Dothraki have their prophecies of manifest destiny, and the Qartheen are the pureblooded descendants of the greatest city that ever was or ever will be. Westerosi nobles are sent to the Free Cities to get culturally enriched, not the other way around. In terms of cultural production, most mummers are imported from Essos, as Westeros has no tradition of theater.

When engaging with ASOIAF, you have to analyze the world of Planetos as it is, rather than automatically applying heuristics based on our own world. Assuming that west = rich, civilized, and east = the Other (because that’s how it’s been presented in the past) is falling into the same essentialist trap that Edward Said and others are critiquing.
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and by support mentally ill people who refuse to be medicated, i mean all mentally ill people who refuse to be medicated

not just the ones who refuse their medication because they’ve been misdiagnosed

not just the ones who refuse because of awful side effects

i mean the…


A friend got gifted this for her newborn baby, and I’m in love


black licorice isn’t a candy it’s a punishment 


"i can’t eat that, i’ll get fat"


"i can’t sleep in late today i have to do work"


"no i can’t watch a whole season in one go that’s lazy"


"i can’t-"




Being transgender has been the biggest cock block in my life, ever


Every day of my fucking life


*teacher calls your name on the first day of school for attendance* 



Fuck, my tea.
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Can I just point out how accurately Tangled portrayed an abusive parent.

Real talk, as someone who deals with similar things from one of my parents, I could point out really specific behaviors and go “yes. that. accurate beyond accurate” and it was almost painful to watch at times. 

Aside from the obvious fact that Mother Gothel locked Rapunzel in a tower and exploited her for her hair’s power, there is also a running theme of emotional manipulation through the way she communicates with Rapunzel. 

First she lashes out verbally, and when Rapunzel has a natural stress reaction, flinching away or showing emotional pain, she guilts her for that reaction. “Oh great, now I’m the bad guy,” or some variation of the above statement. How many times have I heard that from a parent while having a panic attack as a response to aggressive verbal attack? Too many to count. Turning around and putting the guilt on the other person by making them feel like their reaction is not valid or out of proportion is a form of emotional manipulation.

Basically what they’re saying is “You’re making me feel bad for reacting negatively to my poor treatment of you” which makes literally no sense, but when phrased by guilt like “oh well I suppose you think I’m soooo evil” makes the other person feel responsible. 

Repeatedly throughout the movie Mother Gothel infantilizes Rapunzel, guilt trips her, and plays with her feelings to keep her trapped. It’s in the “little” things that she is able to maintain this abusive control. The seemingly small methods of manipulation through how the parent communicates with the child. This gif set clearly such unhealthy communication. 

Rapunzel was able to get out from the tower if she wanted to, with her hair. But she never did for her whole childhood, even when she knew she was turning 18, until Eugene showed up. Why? Because she was trapped by her mother emotionally. 

Even when Eugene shows up and gets her out of the tower, she’s still in this emotional roller coaster of “I’m free!” and “No, I’m a horrible child.” The blame and guilt becomes internalized. That sequence where she rapidly switches from excited to dejected and regretful seems comical at first but really accurately reflects how she was trapped in that mindset.

Things like the conversation in these gifs might seem minor. It might not seem to have much affect. But the little things pile up. The thing about emotional abuse is it isn’t always a huge dramatic obviously abusive incident. It can be manipulation and gaslighting over extended periods of time and that’s why it’s so hard to point out. If Rapunzel were to call her mother on her abuse in one of these conversations it would be easy for the mother to respond “What? A little thing like this? Stop overreacting.”

Which is why it’s so important to listen to victims of emotional abuse and not invalidate what they’re saying. Even if isolated incidents they point out don’t seem like much, a pattern of manipulation is still extremely harmful.


school board when they talking about whether to cancel school or not


school board when they talking about whether to cancel school or not

Music has the ability to pull emotions out of people that they didn’t know existed. Through the beat and melody and through storytelling we are all part of a long ancient tradition and music can be used as much for good as it can be for evil.
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